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As a volunteer for Special Olympics Pennsylvania, we are required to gather some further background information on you. Any "Yes" responses will require that you directly contact our office before continuing.
Please open and review the following SOPA policies. By signing this Volunteer Registration form, you are attesting that you have read, understand and agree to uphold each.
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I affirm that I have read, understand and will adhere to the volunteer responsibilities and code of conduct; and that the information I have given is true and complete. If at any time the information provided is found to have been knowingly falsified, I will be disallowed from volunteering for any program accredited by Special Olympics Pennsylvania.
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If under 18 years of age, please complete this application online, print, then submit it by hitting the 'Submit' button at the bottom. Your record will be saved in SOPA's Volunteer system. Please have your parent/legal guardian sign and date the printed application, and return it to your local SOPA program (local program contact information available at
I, as the parent or guardian of the above applicant, have read and agree with all the provided information and hold Special Olympics Pennsylvania and/or its volunteers and employees harmless for any negligence resulting in injury, illness or accident that may occur during my charge's participation.
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There are many opportunities to volunteer with SOPA. As a reminder of the opportunities available, you may click here to download and read our VOLUNTEER ROLES to help you in determining what volunteer level best suits you. Once determined, please choose opportuntites from either Class A or Class B Roles but not both.
Class A Opportunities
Volunteers assuming Class A roles will be required to have background checks completed BEFORE volunteering. If you should select one of these options, after hitting the Submit button below, you will be contacted by your local program to assure you're able to commit to the role and the program has current need. Once confirmed, you will be sent an email from Verified Volunteers who will provide direction to complete your background checks.

Class B Opportunities
Volunteers assuming Class B roles will be directed to SOPA's Event page where you will find several competition, fund raising and other events you may register for directly.